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For TV companies

For TV companies

Dear colleagues!

Since December of 2005 we delivery our video programmes. Every week different TV channels from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Baltic countries receive our TV programs in different genres and also new music videos of Ukrainian, Russian and foreign artists. And every month TV channels receive available concerts of Ukrainian and Russian performers as a bonus.

Now we have more than 170 TV channels in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Canada and Baltic countries as partners.

It's very simple to join our Video Service: you just need to fill an application form, and then our specialist will contact you for specification your data and type of collaboration. And finally your login and password for access to our portal for download video will be activated. You can also receive our video content by post.

If you have any questions, please contact Tetiana Demchenko tel. +38 067 504 02 60 or by e-mail: (for all countries except Russia), +7 499 918 42 00 or by e-mail (for Russia).

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